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We appreciate you visiting our website. We seek to provide you with quality Independent Financial Advice and now that you've found us please take a moment to browse our site and see how we can help you or your business.

Why use Nixon Financial Services?

At Nixon Financial Services, we specialise in providing Independent Financial Advice to both personal and corporate clients. Bill, Diane & Andrew have over 60 years combined experience in Financial Services. We aim to build long standing relationships with our clients based on trust, by offering high quality, independent, professional advice. We believe this is best achieved by face to face advice at our local office.

Why use an Independent Adviser?

As Independent Financial Advisers, we work exclusively for you and as such we are duty bound to provide you with the best impartial advice available. We have the entire market place to select from when making our recommendations for you, as opposed to a restricted adviser, who may only advise and offer products from the company they represent or from a small panel of companies. This means that we are able to give you full impartial advice and recommend the most appropriate products for you, so that you will enjoy a high quality and truly independent service. We are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, are qualified by examination and maintain a high professional standard at all times.

Company Information

We have been advising clients from Northern Ireland and central England for many years in all areas relating to Financial Services. We are proud of our independence and our service ethic, which has been built upon our personal dedication and commitment to provide the most professional service we can, to all of our clients.

How we work

As Independent Financial Advisers we are free to advise on financial products available from all product providers. We use advanced computer software along with our widespread knowledge of the marketplace to research, compare and select the most suitable deals currently available. We are thus able to make arrangements to maximise the benefits to our clients.

You'll get our help to review your existing financial situation and reach a realistic assessment of your needs. For this, you'll need to set aside some time to talk to us. There's no charge or obligation to proceed after the initial consultation.

Subject to your agreement to use our services we will carry out a needs analysis based on your current situation, and taking into account any specific plans/targets you may have. We will then advise you on anything from a short term financial objective to a lifetime financial plan, followed up with regular reviews if selected.

How to make a complaint

We regard any expression of dissatisfaction from or on behalf of any client to be a complaint irrespective of whether it is made orally or in writing or whether it is justified or not. You can click here to read our complaints procedure.

Should you have cause to complain, and you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you may be able to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which can be contacted as follows:

The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR
Tel: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9 123
Website: www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Specialist Advice

In a similar way to most professions, there are differences between the manner in which financial planners operate. Some can be viewed as general practitioners, whilst others choose to specialise on certain areas of advice.

Assisting our clients to plan for their futures, normally requires us to consider all aspects of their financial well being. We are careful to ensure that we highlight any protection needs, investment or tax saving opportunities that exist. This level of service demands the general financial planning skills that we have built up over the years our business has been in operation.

We understand that there are circumstances of financial planning where the expert knowledge of a specialist is required.

How we are paid

On receiving an enquiry we invite a prospective client to visit our office for a preliminary meeting. The purpose of the meeting is firstly to establish whether we are able to assist with the client's needs and objectives and secondly to discuss how we would be paid for our services should we be instructed to proceed. There is no charge for this preliminary meeting and no obligation on either side.

After the initial consultation, we will agree with you how we are paid which can be by fee, commission or a combination of both.

Professional Connections

At Nixon Financial Services we believe it to be very important that we work alongside your existing professional advisers when required. By liaising with individuals such as your solicitor or accountant, we are able to conduct a coordinated approach to the advice process, this ensures that all areas of expertise are involved in formulating your financial plan and more importantly you the client are at the heart of that process.

Where you don't have current connections we will work with you to find other professionals that you are happy to have input from and that we can recommend as having an excellent track record of delivering high quality advice.